Tuesday, November 03, 2015

International Quilt Festival: Part Two

This year, we decided to attend lectures and demos instead of having to do all the planning and prep for classes. They were all excellent, but two of them stood out.

Kaffe Fassett has done a new series of quilts that are modern riffs on traditional, historic quilts. It was very interesting to hear about his background and his process. I have always been a big fan of his use of color, no matter the medium. The exhibit showcased his modern versions hung next to the traditional ones, but photography was not permitted. You can see the modern ones at http://www.kaffefassett.com/Patchwork.html, click on the Heritage Quilts book. This one is my favorite:
Autumn Crosses, copyright Kaffe Fassett

It was thrilling to hear Georgia Bonesteel reminisce about what she has learned during her long career. I loved to watch her on PBS back in the day (http://www.georgiabonesteel.com/tv.php). She gave each lecture attendee a DVD about the history of quilting in the US. Hope to watch it soon.

Janet Stone won Best of Show for a quilt in her alphabet series named "Ewe are My Sunshine". The real quilters around the show said that the quilting on it was "over the top" and "beyond awesome". She said that this quilt taught her that "Red is a neutral."
Ewe are My Sunshine, copyright Janet Stone

This talented woman had another quilt in the show that ribboned (I don't remember the name of this one):
Copyright Janet Stone

AND she has won in the Houston show in past years.

A Letter Bit of Baaltimore, copyright Janet Stone

Can you imagine?

Sunday, November 01, 2015

International Quilt Festival 2015: Part One

We always love attending the luncheon where the winners in each category discuss their quilts. This year's winners is an especially international group, but there was a Lone Star winner!

Melissa Sobotka, the winner in the Contemporary Art division for her beautiful "End of the Spin" quilt was familiar to us because she won Best of Show in 2013 for what remains one of my all-time favorite quilts, "Chihuly's Gondola".

"End of the Spin" copyright Melissa Sobotka

"Chihuly's Gondola" copyright Melissa Sobotka

The most exciting part of the luncheon, by far, was meeting a group of women from Japan. One relative and one friend won their divisions and three other women had quilts hanging in the show. Our table-mate, Sachiko Chiba, won two ribbons! This one is my favorite:

"Pride" copyright Sachiko Chiba

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Year of Quilts: Still Plugging Along!

After a busy summer of travel, with more coming right up, I got in a bit of quilt appreciation time.

The Chisolm Trail Quilt Guild show was held at the Dell Diamond. (Did you know they have an air-conditioned reception center there? I didn't. And A/C is the only way to be outside in these fall days in Austin!)

It was so exciting to see quilts that friends had completed and to get a big creative boost!


African textiles were popular.

Of course, I loved the embellished pieces! 


This quilter deconstructed a beautifully embellished jacket and made a fabulous wall hanging.

Thank you, Edie, for such a fun outing!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Conversations (in Quilts)

This exhibit at the Bullock was phenomenal. Too bad photos weren't allowed, nor was there a brochure about the exhibit. This is a persistent problem at the Bullock. Wish they could get their act together. I found an article that shows some of the quilts at: http://issuu.com/onview/docs/on_view_01-03.2015/96?e=1593647/10736975

Anyway, love me the Interwebs! I was able to read more and capture images of a few of these amazing works of art. The exhibit of storytelling quilts was originally staged at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. Cindy took Steve there during one of our visits.

This was probably the most amazing quilt in the exhibit. (Too bad the Bullock couldn't hire a professional photographer to post a decent photo on their website.) Besides the 3-D cannon effect, the quilter wove the arms and legs of the slaves into the ship hull and around the oars.

This quilt (shown here with the quilter) was a stand-out. The gray silk dress on the quilt represents Harriet Beecher Stowe and the open book emits the turmoil and chaos that her words evoked.

I didn't find a photo of the crazy quilt that Joan and I loved, but we all agreed that this was one of our favs:

This one commemorating African Americans who have won Oscars was fun and beautifully done.

Here are a couple more. If you have time during August, please go to the exhibit and read the amazing stories of each of the quilts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tula Pink Presentation and Quilt Show

We had a great time listening to Tula Pink. This funny, quirky woman designs amazing fabric lines and tells great stories.

Fifty of her quilts were hanging along the paths at Five Pine Ranch. It was heavenly!

Often, she digitally prints huge labels for the backs of her quilts and they are striking.

What a paradisaical setting for quilts!

Smith Rock and Winery

Smith Rock outside Redmond, Oregon is definitely one of my happy places. Melissa and I walked the river on a gorgeous, warm day last week.

We decided we earned some libation, so headed over to Maragas Winery up the road. It's a small, casual place full of the owner's mother's art. The beautiful views of Smith Rock were enhanced by the excellent wines, especially the Tempranillo and the Chardonnay, which was lighter and less oaky than the California versions. You must visit this gem if you are in the area!

Peaches, the vineyard dog. She tried to come home with us when she smelled the beautiful local raw cheddar and hard salami with Herbes de Provence that we were taking for dinner.

To cap off this fabulous Central Oregon day, we stopped at the Crooked River Gorge to admire the views

What a stellar day with a stellar friend!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More stories from Sisters Quilt Show

{Looks like the link to my photos didn't go through last time. If you want to see a LOT of photos of quilts, go here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/busytraveler_us/. If you can't see them, please let me know so I can adjust the security settings.}

Just loved this show! They celebrated the 40th anniversary of the show this year and have never been rained out.

Our new friend, Barb, had one of her fabric postcards selected for framing for the silent auction fund raiser. Isn't it fabulous?

We enjoyed looking at the entries in the block challenge to see how quilters used the same fabric in such different ways.

 Last year's winners were asked to incorporate other contestant's blocks into a quilt to display for this year's show.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sisters Quilt Show: Non-quilt Scenes

It was a beautiful day in Sisters, Oregon! We all loved strolling the streets of Sisters and looking at quilts and other art.

We got to town early, but there was already a mob at Sisters Bakery.

Love the 'Sup Dog coffee kiosk!

The Mennonite ladies were having a great time!

And so did we!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quilts from the Sisters Show

I've posted many photos of the quilts on my Flickr photostream at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/busytraveler_us/

The pharmacy had over 100 quilts hung in the store.

Here are a few of my favs: