Sunday, August 27, 2006


While in Houston last week, I visited the Bodyworlds 3 exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science.

The show was fascinating. A new process, called plastination, allows actual dissections/cadavers to be preserved. It was mind-blowing to think these were real people, real nervous systems, real organs, and even a complete human skin.

Seeing diseased organs compared to healthy ones and cross-sections of obese humans vs. slim ones made me determined to take care of this body I have!

Labor Day weekend is the last of the show in Houston and the museum will be open 24 hours all weekend. There will be crowds...make sure you buy advanced tickets.

Earlier versions of the exhibit are in St. Paul and Boston for the rest of the year. Bodyworlds 3 moves to Vancouver. Sounds like a good reason for traveling!

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