Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Project Complete!

My Grandma Spruce was an accomplished batik artist. For years, I've been trying to figure out how to use a tablecloth of hers that has faded considerable over the years. It didn't look good on a table, but it looked great with the sage green carpet in our bedroom...therefore, it was going to be a duvet cover.

I needed to add fabric to the sides to make it fit our queen-size bed, but finding compatible fabric was rough. Kathi helped me choose two, theoretically one for the borders and one for the backing. I decided I didn't like the border one after all, and had to cut it off and replace it with the backing fabric. Then, what to do for backing? I decided unbleached muslin would work well. So, I dyed it taupe and it blends perfectly.

And I love the David Marsh nightstand/"baby armoire" next to the bed. (It's an early birthday present!) And, of course, Grandpa's rooster drawing over the bed. Liking it! But, now the question is what color to paint the room???

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