Monday, August 14, 2006

Project Plan Template

These are excerpts from a Project Plan Template I set up for ASI's InfoDev group. It helped us to think through a project, plan better, and get sign-off from all departments involved. I really enjoy getting a team or a process organized.

The original document contained formatting and tables to make it very skimmable and readable. I cannot reproduce all the formatting here on the blog.

Sample Project Plan
Project Goal
The primary goal of this project is ...

The following individuals have been identified as members of the project team:
Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Peer Editor
Technical Editor
Copy Editor

The audience consists of ... The audience has a working knowledge of ...

Project Tasks
Update procedures and minimize screenshots to current release.
Incorporate changes/SMRs from the input folder.
Review functional specifications.
Create On Your On exercises at the end of each section.
Update procedures/screenshots to current release.
Coordinate with trainer to update Labs for each section.
Create PDF.
Create PPT slides.
Create Help files.

Learning and Using Guide
PowerPoint Slides (Must be regenerated because the structure of the book is changing.)
Labs (trainers update)
PDF for posting on the Resource Center
Help file

Important Dates
Release Target Date:
Training dates:
Present Project Plan :
Draft ready for Peer Edits:
Draft ready for Technical Edit:
Final draft ready for copy editor:
Create PDF and send to print vendor:
Post help files:
Create PPT slides:

Project Details
Step 1 - Pre Project
Management defines project and calls meeting with writer, project manager, and subject expert.
Writer develops project plan and forwards to management and project manager for approval.
Writer creates outline and forwards to management, project manager, and subject expert for approval.

Step 2 - Writing
Writer documents procedures.
Update demo database.
Writer documents hands-on exercises and On Your OwnConversion of old books - Add training components (Objectives, Hands-on, On Your Own), import as much content from training PPT as relevant.
QA the document.

Step 3 - Editing
Peer edits document.
Writer incorporates changes.
Writer forwards document to subject expert(s) for technical review.
Writer incorporates changes.
QA the document.
Writer forwards document to editor and Subject Expert for final review.
Editor walks through procedures for accuracy and copy edits document.
Writer accepts/declines edits.
Editor forwards document to production lead.

Step 4 - Production
Update fields and check pagination.
Clean up document (run macro).
Generate PDF.
Create PowerPoint slides and send to trainer.
Archive project and delete working folders.
Print production: notify print vendor and send PDF to print vendor.
Proof blue line.
Check order.
Distribute to appropriate parties.

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