Wednesday, August 30, 2006

User Interface Guidelines

In 2003-4, I participated in conceptual and technical sessions to design the "LXXX" release for ASI. Based on these principles, I conducted extensive user interface design research and wrote the User Interface Guidelines for the product release (the first such guidelines ever for ASI). The following list is the Table of Contents of this document. The guidelines were used extensively by the Product Management, Development, Quality Analysis, and Information Development departments, who all agreed that it improved the efficiency of the design process and produced a more clear, consistent product.

UI Guidelines: LXXX Release

Executive Summary

Intended Audience

User Classes for LXXX Release
1. “Office” Group
2. “Remote” Group

Aesthetics (Visual)
General Appearance

Intuitiveness (Learnability)
1. Inductive User Interface
2. Consistency
3. System Status Communication

Effectiveness (Usefulness)
1. Universal Design
2. Customization
3. Updateability
4. History/Favorites

Technical Accommodation

Success Metrics

User Testing

A. Related ASI References
B. Keyboard shortcuts
C. Change Log

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