Friday, September 29, 2006

California Conference: Day 1 Preparation

Monday was a typical day of preparation for a large conference. The giveaway bags were stuffed and prepared for the morning rush, we set up rooms for our sessions, got our radios, and ran around all day. Michelle led an orientation session and walking tour for the volunteers and almost shouted herself hoarse a day early.

One of the sessions in my room was Tyra Banks. I met with her camera crew for setup for the taping they were going to do to air the session on Tyra’s show. It was very interesting to see what was involved in getting a show on the air.

After things were sort-of-under-control, we met up for dinner at the Westin. Although we enjoyed the get-together, the service was abysmal. Thank goodness we had Hnoi with us, who is a chef and runs a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta!

To bed early for the big day... Posted by Picasa

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