Monday, October 09, 2006

Conference After-Party

After the conference closed, Maria Shriver invited staff to a party to thank us. We were exhausted and hungry, so the great food and wine were heavenly.

Maria was very gracious in thanking each group. She was still wearing her suit and the prayer shawl the Dalai Lama gave her, but had Converse sneakers on her feet! Smart woman.

We started posing for group photos. Here is one that I took. Left to right: Muriel, Will, Robert, Michelle, and Hnoi. Great people!

When Maria saw that we were taking photos, she ran over and got in the middle. I hope that whomever has those photos on their camera will share! She was next to me and I had my arm halfway around her. My brush with celebrity!

We are hopeful that Arnold will win reelection in November and that we will be asked to work at next year's conference.

Great time, tons of work, tons of fun.

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