Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Conference Session and Photo: Tyra Banks

This really is Tyra!

Even though the conference was supposed to be open press, the diva decided that only her camera crew and the press that her people approved of would be permitted in. Also, no attendees were supposed to take photos. So I had to sneak this one while I was at the back of the room. I'm going to try some software that is supposed to focus the image...we'll see if that works.

This was supposed to be an egalitarian event, so all VIPs were to share a VIP room. Well, guess who had to have her own room between the place her limo let her out and the few yards away where she'd enter the ballroom? Guess her hair and makeup couldn't stand up to the ordeal. The halls had to be cleared when she was ready to go from her private room to the ballroom...this is at a conference where much larger celebs than her were mixing and mingling with the common folk.

The young women were thrilled when she entered and began her session. Her message was not to let anyone judge you on your looks. Kinda ironic, wouldn't you say? Needless to say, people were leaving in droves, all except a creepy guy who snuck past all our people and took photos maniacally. Luckily, the security guards were hanging around trying to catch a glimpse of Tyra, so they helped me usher the guy out.

Tyra was scheduled to interview Maria Shriver at the end of her session, so Maria's camera crew were there. But, all of a sudden, after the session, she disappeared because she had the chance to meet with the Dalai Lama. I'm sure Maria would have been in support of that, but I sure hope Tyra's people told her, becauase Maria's camera crew didn't know anything about it.

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