Thursday, November 16, 2006

Press Releases

I have written dozens upon dozens of press releases. Most of them were for Fisher-Rosemount. I really like figuring out and then presenting the benefits of a product to customers, especially if it’s an esoteric technical product.

Some titles:

  • Fisher-Rosemount Systems Provides Software Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Project Evaluation Methodology Pinpoints Savings
  • Fisher-Rosemount Provides Comprehensive HART Integration Capability
  • Fermentation Application Solution Reduces Costs
  • PROVOX Performance Series Helps Customers Manage the Process Better
  • Fisher-Rosemount Systems Meets ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Challenge
  • New Generation of Controllers Delivers More Capability and Is Easy To Use
  • Recipe Manager Provides Complete Batch Recipe Management Solution

    These releases had to contain enough jargon and “sales-speak” to satisfy the marketing department while making the purpose and benefits clear to customers. As short as these pieces are, they required much of my time negotiating content between stakeholders. I had to use passive voice in some cases to get the sentence approved by both the sales and legal departments.

    An example:

    New Controllers Provide More Value for Same Price

    Fisher-Rosemount Systems today announced the development of a new multiloop family of controllers as part of the PROVOX Performance Series release. The SRx controller family is a successor to the popular Fisher-Rosemount SR90 controllers and delivers increased performance, increased memory, a smaller form factor, reduced power consumption, and increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

    The 200% increase in performance and 160% increase in memory allow advanced control algorithms such as on-demand self-tuning, adaptive gain scheduling, and fuzzy logic control to be imbedded as standard algorithms in the controller. This technology also provides the infrastructure for future SP50 Fieldbus communications integration. The SRx controllers consume one-fourth the power of the SR90 controllers and increase MTBF by 400%, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

    SRx controllers utilize SMART device integration, including HART device error detection. Valuable diagnostic information such as maintenance alerts may be assigned different, independent prioritizations for process control and operator notification. Operators can deal with critical alerts immediately without information overload from less important alerts. At the same time, automatic control actions to correct the error are carried out as specified – helping the process run more productively and the operator perform more efficiently.

    Existing SR90 controllers are easily upgraded to SRx controllers, fulfilling Fisher-Rosemount’s commitment to provide seamless migration paths for their customers. In addition, SRx controllers are design to meet ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements for countries in the European Union.

    Fisher-Rosemount Systems provide real-time process management solutions for industrial process control and information management. Fisher-Rosemount Systems is a member of the Fisher-Rosemount group of companies – the world’s leading supplier of process management solutions. The Fisher-Rosemount process automation portfolio includes process management systems, valves, regulators, transmitters, analyzers, and services.

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