Monday, February 12, 2007

No blogging lately

No posts lately because I am working on a project for ASI. I'm happy to have it and it's great to see my ASI friends, but it definitely cuts into my "fun time"!!!

I've been leading an adult Sunday School class on the geography/archaeology of the Holy Land, specifically places where Jesus lived and preached. It seemed daunting at first, because I've never been to the area and my geographical knowledge was fuzzy, at best.

But, something wonderful is happening. We have so many friends who have traveled to the Holy Land and they have been bringing photos and telling stories. I found some good reference books in the church library and friends have been loaning me their books. We have a fun group of people and lively discussions are the norm.

The class has been growing every week and I think this is the largest turnout for an adult class since Dr. Ray Martin (an entertaining expert on the Bible) led classes. It shows us what kind of class the adults are looking for and, I hope, follow-on classes will use this formula.

Who'd have known that the time it takes to prepare for the class would wind up giving me so much? Evidently, this is a lesson to me about spending my time wisely!

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