Monday, April 30, 2007

Trip to NYC

We had a wonderful, exhausting time in NYC. Even in the pouring rain, Emily loved Columbia U. It was fun to see how excited she got about the place. Steve and I were very impressed with the's in a beautiful, quiet part of Manhattan with many other colleges surrounding it (Barnard, Teacher's College, Union Theological, Jewish Theological, Manhattan School of Music, etc, etc.). 97% of the students live on campus and they are very bright, committed people. So, we'll see what happens...

She wasn't very interested in NYU (too urban, no community) or Barnard (too small).

We spent most of Saturday at the Metropolitan Museum. The new Roman Hall is amazing:

There was a fabulous exhibition on Modernity in Barcelona and we loved it, since we'd seen so much of it in person!

We saw an amazing father-and-son violin duo at Carnegie Hall.
Wonderful concert, beautiful hall, great seats!

The Museum of Natural History has a very nice Latin American collection. It reminded us of the
National Archaeology Museum in Mexico City:

Of course, we ate well and walked miles and miles and miles. More details later, if time permits.

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