Sunday, October 21, 2007

Long Beach excitement

First celeb sighting was in the Austin airport! Quentin Tarantino was schlepping around without an entourage and got on our flight to LAX. This being Austin, everyone was low-key, not bugging him.

Sally and I had a fun day yesterday. We set off down the San Diego freeway to go to the "best scrapbook store in Southern California." We took the wrong exit and wound up at South Coast Plaza, the Galleria of SoCal. So, what could we do but shop?

Last night, we were having dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery when we heard a KABOOM! It sounded just like a decomp at the chemical plant Steve and I used to work at. Everyone looked around stupidly, but we didn’t see any smoke or fire, so we figured it was something in the port a few blocks away. We calmly finished our dinner.

When we exited, the police had blocked off the street from traffic, but pedestrians were still milling around. Finally, I asked one of the cops what was going on and he said there had been an explosion in the parking garage above the restaurant.

Buses and pedestrians were still all around, so we leisurely strolled around and circled back a few minutes later. More of the area was cordoned off, but it was still heavily populated and people were still in the restaurant. Finally, about an hour later when we walked past again with our co-workers, the entire block was evacuated.

All they have determined was that it was a pipe bomb in the garage and no one was hurt and there was no damage to any vehicles. The attached link takes you to the news story, which sounds much more dramatic than it really was.

Today…we are stuffing tote bags for the onslaught on Tuesday. Grabbing a bag of goodies is the major event for many of the women at the conference and it is wild.

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