Friday, December 05, 2008

Ann's book launch party

Last night, one of my favorite people, Ann Daly (, celebrated the launch of her latest book at BookWoman (a great independent book store here in Austin -- "A Year of Clarity" will be a fantastic way for Ann's inspiring stories and practical advice to keep me focused throughout the year on what I want and how to get it.

As usual, when a group of involved women meet up, the energy and the stories are awe-inspiring. Ann's co-presenter was Allison Allen, founder of, a fabulous site filled with inspiration and support. I hope to work with Allison, who is the perfect model of making your dream a reality.

And the remarkable Mary Anne Connolly, editor of austinwoman Magazine, was also in attendance. She is one of those people whose zest for life amazes and energizes me.

Women power! Don't cha love it?

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