Monday, April 06, 2009

That's why they call him The Boss!

I'm still reeling from the fabulous, LONG set last night. We had great tickets, but my cell phone takes crappy photos. I've been looking for a photo of the entire band, since that's the essence. But, of course, our daily rag only has photos of Bruce (and, in this case, Clarence):

We were supremely impressed with Nils Lofgren and Max Weinberg. What superb musicians!

"We've had some crazy times here since 1974," Springsteen told the Austin crowd, recalling the days when he found an important early fanbase in the Lone Star State. "We were from New Jersey, of course -- the Corruption State -- and Texas was a long way away." Bruce talked about taking the train all that way, unable to fly, and getting seats instead of berths, to come and play Houston's Liberty Hall and here in town at Armadillo World Headquarters. "We have lots of great memories playing in Austin."

Add another one to that list with this loose show at the Frank Erwin Center, stretching out to a whopping 28 songs only three shows into the tour. Tour premieres outnumbered songs from the new album tonight, seven to five, starting with "Prove It All Night." Turning up in the Recession Arc was "Youngstown," with that killer solo from Nils. "Sherry Darling" was requested via sign -- via gum wrappers, actually -- and took the place of the setlisted "I'm on Fire." "She's the One" rocked, with Max in a mighty groove. An epic in the encore, the premiere of "Jungleland," and a couple songs later it was the very rare "I'm a Rocker" -- which, like "Sherry," was on the ragged side, but injected some real fun into the show. Finally, "Glory Days" closed the show post-"American Land," a major crowd-pleaser this night.

In the crowd: Charlie Sexton, Alejandro Escovedo and his bandmates David Polkingham and Hector Munoz.

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