Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday outing

Melissa F and I had a wonderful time playing on Sunday.

First we had brunch at Bess Bistro (Sandra Bullock's restaurant). I'll review it on BusyTraveler soon (I hope).

Then we went to the Texas Capitol for the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts exhibit. It was amazing and inspiring. We met a woman from the Austin Fiber Arts group and hope that we can start attending their meetings on the third Wed. of the month.

THEN we went to BookWoman where we were lucky to sit up close to Marion Winik as she read from all eight of her books, plus new poems she's working on. She chose a few essays she'd written through the years about the summer heat in Austin. While they were funny and accurate, we all kind of wilted when we realized we are just starting real summer weather.

Oh well, we must stay in the air conditioning and read! So we finished up our outing at Half-Price Books, even though we certainly don't need MORE BOOKS. But, it was the Memorial Day sale, with an extra 20% off everything and we only bought clearance books. That's okay, right?

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