Monday, July 13, 2009

Texas Modern at the Umlauf

There's a show at the Umlauf Garden that I didn't even know about until I read an article in the paper Friday about the collector of Texas modern art who made the show happen.

The show is called "Texas Treasures: Early Texas Art from Austin Museums" and is described as:
"...the first collective exhibition of important early Texas artworks from the collections of the University of Texas Blanton Museum, the University of Texas Harry Ransom Center, the Austin Museum of Art, and the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum.

Drawing from the extensive collections of these Austin institutions, Texas Treasures features more than two dozen masterworks of early Texas art that have been rarely available to the public. These seminal works express the breadth of Texas art: from the origins of classical portraiture and impressionist landscape painting in the nineteenth century, to the American Scene painting of the depression era, to the many interpretations of modernism at the mid-twentieth century."
Sounds wonderful!

The Statesman article about Robert Summers is a pretty interesting read about someone with a passion for art:

The slide show with the article has one of my grandfather's paintings:

Everett Spruce, Broken Tree
And I'm hoping the Umlauf show has one or more of his works. I'll let you know.

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  1. Everett Spruce, Broken Tree

    Okay, now I see where you get it. I would like to go with you to the exhibit.