Monday, October 19, 2009

International Quilt Festival 2009, Vol. 2

Highlights of the show

The forest of quilts entranced everyone who walked by. A German quilting group made the 33 trees in the forest. From the Houston Chronicle:
Each double-sided tree is nearly 8 feet tall and more than a foot wide, with a slightly curvy silhouette. Some are in bright shades of green, others take on the browns, oranges and reds of fall. One birch tree looks like it's in the middle of a harsh winter. What ties the trees together are the vivid, collage-like textures on their trunks, creative interpretations of tree bark fashioned from dozens of techniques and materials, including pleats, ruffles, tulle and cork.

We LOVED the quilts from Russia. They were beautiful and very different from the quilts we are used to seeing. Photography wasn’t allowed within the area, but this one at the entrance was okay to shoot. It was full of Russian folk motifs and was a party for the eyes!

Check out the Russian quilting website for more pics:
Warning! The site is in Russian. I just clicked around and found some photos.

Our teacher in the Color for Scrap Quilts class, Karen Stone, won first place for Innovative Artistry. This was an astoundingly intricate, beautiful quilt. We were so lucky to have three hours with her teaching us about using color.


A woman in our purse class won an award in the Fashion Show for a gorgeous pale green jacket-and-pants suit. This isn’t her outfit, but it was my favorite workmanship of the ones on display.


The lighting for the show was terrible!

Coming next: Examples of quilt styles

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  1. beautiful. Not quite what I expected. Hope you had a good time.