Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Quilt Festival 2009, Vol. 3

Styles of quilting

If you’re not into the quilting scene, you might not be aware of the variety of art that is classified as quilting. I think “fiber art” is a better term. Though many exhibits specialize in one type of fiber art, this festival strives to cover ‘em all!

There was a lovely exhibit of antique quilts.

And quilts done in the traditional style.

Some were like photos in their detail. These seals were so lifelike, I wanted to pet them.

The Best of Show quilt combined a realistic self-portrait with lyrical embroidered birds and a swirling background.

Many pieces were abstract.

Some were humorous.

Still others use photo-to-fabric technology or computer-driven embroidery. This woman’s father was a watchmaker and she used photos on fabric and actual watch faces as embellishment to depict his tool cabinet.

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