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International Quilt Festival 2009: Classes and Shopping


The classes we took were outstanding. I guess you have to be a top-notch teacher to get a gig with the IQF.

Thursday morning: Color for Your Scrap Quilts
This class was taught by Karen K. Stone, a gracious and fascinating lady. We didn’t realize that her amazing quilt, Clamshell, had just won a major prize at the festival until someone in the class told us. But we understood her quilting talent the minute she unpacked her quilts.

We learned so much about putting colors and prints together that it’s now not so intimidating to plan a quilt. The exercise of picking your keynote fabric and laying out other fabric that complements and contrasts and provides balance was revelatory. Karen has a new website under construction.

Thursday afternoon:
We split up to cover more ground. Edie attended the Back to Basics class that covered batting, borders, and binding. The information was really useful and will help us out a lot in our endeavors. The ladies who taught this class own the quilt store on Mason Rd. in Houston, VERY close to my brother and sister-in-law’s home, so we plan on taking some classes there.
And we might have to attend the West Houston Quilters’ Guild meeting if it coincides! (Not far from my parents’ home.)

I attended the Mixed Media Miscellany, basically a showcase of 20 teachers doing short tutorials on different techniques. These are the tutorials I watched:

Carve Your Own Rubber Stamps, Cyndi Souder
Of course, I loved this session. She showed us what to use and how to carve stamps that can be used on fabric or paper. Cyndi was a quiet spoken, knowledgeable woman who made it seem easy. It looks like she mostly teaches at the quilt store in her hometown, so I’ll have to be content with her online content.

Print, Paint, and Bead Your Way to an Embellished Art Quilt, Lisa Louise Adams
This woman is seriously talented. From her website:
“Lisa Louise Adams--painter, potter, printmaker, bookmaker, papermaker, jeweler, poet and quilter--lives in the lush rainforest village of Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she works out of her Spiral Triangle Studios.”
This tutorial was great fun. The tips I took away: include

  • Use both sides of the rubber stamps you carve.
  • Felt is very strong for beading.
  • Sew beads on with the trim to eliminate a step.

Mixed Media Art Totes, Elinor Peace Bailey
You cannot miss Elinor! We spotted her right away in the crowd and I was intrigued to see her in this showcase. She is just as nutty and artsy as you would expect from her demeanor:

Her instructions on the tote bag were similar to those Annie gave us in the Friday class.

Metal Embossed/Pierced Embellishments, Madeline Arendt
She made it look easy to add metal embellishments to paper or fabric projects. Some hints:

  • Use paper punches for thin foil and die cutters for thicker metals such as copper.
  • Rub over texture plates.
  • Use a flexible surface like suede first, then a hard surface for refining the design.
  • Fill raised designs with plastic resin or spackling compound.

Manipulating Specialty Fabrics, Esterita Austin
This session was pretty much over my head. She focused on complex fabric manipulation for art quilts. I remember the talk on fusing sheer fabrics but the rest is a blur. Check out her artwork. It’s amazing:

Update Fabrics with Paint, Dye, and Pens, Nancy Brenan Daniel
This was an excellent demonstration of how to take those blah and/or dated fabrics and jazz them up. She suggests: using Kool-Aid or coffee to over-dye, make stencils from freezer paper, paint with Versatex paint and heat set it, print with fake leaves and plastic aquarium ferns. The before and after versions of boring fabrics were great.

Discharge and Overdye Workshop, Sheri Wood
She made this look so easy! Discharge is the process of removing color from fabrics, usually with bleach. She gave us several ideas on how to do it and on making our own “bleach stop” solution (1 part hydrogen peroxide to 10 parts water). I’m most excited to try using Clorox Bleach Pens! What an easy method.
Also, put school glue on a rubber or foam stamp, stamp the fabric, and then spritz the fabric with a 50/50 bleach-water solution. It looks like batik.

Drawing and Painting for People Who Don’t Draw or Paint, Patt Blair
She advocates tracing an image and using software or an overhead projector to enlarge a drawing. Lay cotton over a black-and-white image and paint using “high-control applicators” (markers, paint pens) to trace the image.

Fiber Fusion Floral, Marylin Huskamp
This is the fabric embellishment technique for me! Totally free-form.
Use fusible  paper under tulle or other sheer fabric and place threads, paper, yarns, and fabric snips randomly, heat set, cover with tulle, and press. The quick examples she made were great for a variety of projects. Here one from her blog:

Painted Flora and Fauna, Tracie Lyn Huskamp
I assume she is Marylin’s daughter.
Tracie was a lot of fun and showed us how to use muslin and a light box to copy an image, then gave us beginners’ tips on painting the image. The flowers and butterflies she painted looked great. I wonder if I could do it?

Foiling on Fabric, Lois Jarvis
I’ve admired this woman’s quilts at several shows, most recently Quilt National in Athens, Ohio. She is widely known for her Ground Zero quilt. And here she is teaching a handful of us how to apply foil to fabric! She provided instructions and small pieces of foil in five colors, and I will let you know if I can figure it out. Her samples were beautiful.

These are the sessions I didn’t have time to see:
Veggie Bouquets/Edible Art, Marlene Glickman (
Soda Can Upcycle: Transfer Photos to Metal, Taylor Stephens ( It looks like their studio will be a must-see when we go to the Texas coast!
Print, Peel, and Stick with Inkjet Fabric Sheets, Daphne Greig (
Embossed Leather Beads, Kristal Wick (
Freeform Needle Felting on Silk, Katrina Walker (
Explore Lazertran Inkjet, Christine L. Adams (,
Punchneedle Embroidery, Marinda Stewart
Monoprinting with Freezer Paper, Melanie Testa (
Hand-beaded Embellishment on Silk-Screened Designs, June Colburn (

Wasn’t this an amazing selection?

Friday: Bohemiannie! Bags
Although we were reluctant to spend an entire day in a class, this one proved to be so much fun that we hated to leave at 5. Annie is a kindred spirit to our darling friend Joan—someone who is flamboyant, kind, and a whole lot of fun!

We painted, quilted, fringed, and stitched and each of us made (or got started on) a unique tote bag. They were amazing, each completely different. Here are a couple of examples from Annie’s website:

I’ll post mine whenever I get it done!
Check out her website:

You can’t tell me there’s a reduction in quilters’ spending these days! This is approx ¼ of the vendor booths.

Whew! And we definitely shopped until we dropped! Now when will we have time to do the projects?

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  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Thanks for including me in your show notes. You really covered a lot of ground!

    I enjoyed demo-ing in the Mixed Media sessions. I demo-ed rubber stamp carving in one and QuiltWriting (a technique I developed using my sewing machine) during the other session. I also taught a full day of stencilling.

    While I do teach at my local quilt shop, I'm happy to travel to teach and lecture.

    Thanks again for the good press.

    Cyndi Souder,