Monday, March 17, 2014

SxSW Interactive Session: Lean UX

Lean UX (Book Reading)

Jeff Gothelp, author of

The author read sections on principles of Lean UX and required changes to entrenched processes. 

  • Agile requires collaborative UX – all disciplines are needed. Besides bringing perspective from various disciplines, everyone on the team learns more, faster, by sharing the discovery and creation process.
  • When a team is focusing on design, it should tackle only one project at a time. A small, co-located, dedicated team (or a remote team who are “awake at the same time”) is the most efficient. If at all possible, a client should be located with the team.
  • Instead of focusing on features, focus on the defined business outcomes. This empowers the team to figure out the solution and they become passionate about it. For example, instead of stating, “We will create a single sign-on feature.” say, “We want to increase the number of new sign-ups to our service.”
  • Test each hypothesis/iteration to make sure you are working on the right thing instead of wasting time.

He gives the following template for a hypothesis statement:
“We believe that [building this feature] [for these people] will achieve [this outcome]. We will know we are successful when we see [this signal from the market].”

My favorite portion of his reading is in the downloadable excerpt:

Gothelp pointed to online presentations about actual case studies. Here are a couple of the better ones I found:

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