Friday, March 21, 2014

SxSW Interactive Session: Think Content First, Navigation Second

SxSW Interactive Session:
Think Content First, Navigation Second

Jon Setzen, Creative Director and Designer for Media Temple,
“Users expect immediate value the second they click on a link or land on a homepage.

Content is the focus of user needs today. At most sites, we have to put up with a lot to get the content we need.

In order to create an immediate impression, your website must focus on:

  • Creating stories: You’ve already got the content: showcase customers and tell their stories.
  • Create the full experience: Focus on the why, not the how. Use visual and emotional keys, friends, discovery and sharing
  • Communicate quickly and solve problems. Show your customers that you understand what they need to do with your product.

Tips for process

  • Instead of starting your collaboration with mockups, talk about the characteristics and high-level goals of the site. Use mood boards.
  • Show the product being used by relatable people
  • Plan discoverability
  • Why would they click on your site?

Example websites

  • cites as his favorite site. It’s not fancy, skeumorphic, etc. but does its job perfectly – listing the soups of the day.
  • — On the home page, they tell you what they you can do…accept ccs on your phone or tablet. They tell stories, solve problems.


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