Monday, March 31, 2014

SxSWi Session: This Ain’t Your Father’s Office Anymore

The speakers were from Mass Relevance and trying to recruit!

What did you think of when you thought of your father’s office?
·         mad men, gold retirement watches, cubicles

Now what do you think of?
·         Comfort, fun
·         Basecamp
·         Four-day workweek
·         Kitchens everywhere (Google)

Do you have workplace envy? How can you build it at your office?
Beg borrow and steal!
· and your colleagues must be vocal, you earned it
·         Borrow the time when you need it…flexible vacation time, flexible working location
·         Steal the best ideas from others

If you implement office perks, you receive from your employees:
·         Thanks
·         Trust
·         Retention!
If you do not act on employee requests, you will lose that trust.

Ideas to borrow or steal:
·         The hour of awesomeness: an all-hands session where people talk 2-8 min on anything or demonstrate something they are passionate about.
·         Ways to help to release the pressure: camp retreat to hang out, day off in the office to play video games and music, take a week to work anywhere, chef cooks breakfast, Tuesday night hack night, Fantastic Friday, Offsite team building.
·         Desks on wheels, free lunches, family lunch, hack weeks, Beer and Brains on a Friday afternoon for people to brainstorm various ideas over beers and food.
·         Sabbaticals for employees who have been there a certain amount of time. Some companies ask that you do a pet project/hack month or education.
·         Flying remote team members into the office is well worth the expense.

See to see perks that hiring companies are offering.

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