Sunday, March 23, 2014

SxSW Interactive Session: Show Your Work!

SxSW Interactive Keynote: Show your Work!

Austin Kleon, poet and writer,

This Austin-based writer/poet/creative composes poems look like the CIA did a haiku:

He did an excellent talk about how to be creative and stay true to your vision. No wonder I felt such recognition with his POV – he has been a librarian, a web designer, and an advertising copywriter in past lives!

Determine who you should let into your life. If you are energized by that person, ok. If you are exhausted, don't let them in.

The two kinds of people you want to watch out for are vampires and human spam.  

  1. Vampires suck you dry and leave you exhausted.
  2. Human spam want you to do their work, even though they haven’t tried nor will ever help you.

Good work is all about process, yet we tend to only share the products of that process, and not the process itself. Learn how opening up and sharing your process brings you closer to an audience, adds value to your work, and makes you better at what you do.

He defines scenius as group genius, an ecology of talent, contributing, stealing, sharing ideas, and connection.

  • You don't have to be a genius, just become part of the scenius...shut up and listen, pay attention to what others are doing. 
  • Share, dont be a hoarder. Sharing should be part of your routine.
  • Always give credit.
  • Teach someone else...your process, not just your product. You receive an education of your own.
  • Find a void, fill it, then move on to another void.
  • Play the long game instead of chasing the latest thing.
  • What are you building that will last?