Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Restaurant Review: Barlata Austin

Barlata: My new favorite restaurant in Austin!

Our group of four enjoyed a great dinner at B44 in San Francisco a couple of years ago. We were excited to hear that the chef had moved to Austin and opened Barlata. 

And it lived up to our expectations! The wine and beer lists contain several fabulous selections. 

We had a hard time deciding on dishes, eventually choosing the evening's special (tomatoes and figs with balsamic), the smoked salmon, fabada, brandada de bacalao, and mussels for our tapas. Every one of them was outstanding, but my favorite was the special. 

We couldn't resisit the lobster paella and it was delish. The rice was infused with a beautiful seafood stock (even though we think a bit more rice in the paella would have been welcome). 

We splurged on the tarta Santiago for dessert and it was the only disappointment of the evening.