Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quilty Week

Edie and I started the week off right by going to the Austin Area Quilt Guild meeting Monday evening. The speaker was Karen Kay Buckley ( I really admire her "Fiesta Mexico" quilt/pattern and was certain I was going to win the one the Austin Guild raffled off for their fall show, but the wrong ticket was picked! Here is a photo of it in her gallery:

Sigh...back to amateur-land.
Precision in quilting is not my objective--I prefer loosey-goosey-playing-with-fabric projects. So, I am elated that there are actual quilt patterns with the word "Wonky" in the title! When I saw a class called "Wonky Nine Patch" at the 2013 Houston festival, I signed up immediately (and dragged Edie along). During the class, we started on the blocks. I loved the fact that I could be completely inexact and still have cute blocks.

Because we are having winter this week, I decided to get the project out and work on it. I've completed the nine wonky blocks (enough for a wall hanging). Although I think the lines are supposed to actually line up, I went for totally wonky!

Next step is to get them squared up (har!) and sew them together. Wonder when that'll happen...